“If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your (head)”… listening to the wonderful song by Scott Mckenzie i arrive in this wonderful port city on America’s west coast once again. Feels like home, as i recognize familiar corners, enjoy understanding the language of the inhabitants of the city (that is, English and Spanish, sorry for the lack of Chinese), and can meet up with my friend Christine in a lovely restaurant, that offers a wine menu way longer than their food menu.

Second day was a wonderful one as well: We rented a two-seater convertible, passed the Golden Gate Bridge and toured the serpentines to Bolinas, CA.
My first time surfing, at least i didn’t fall off the board every time :)
Certainly not my last time… Thanks, Rebekka, for hinting me to that spo(r)t!

2 Replies to “SFO”

  1. An interesting interpretation of that song. I always thought it was wearing flowers in your hair…

    But in your head is touching even better the life-style and atmosphere of San Francisco.

    Enjoy the flowers in your head no matter if they are jasmine or roses.

    Olaf :)

  2. Oh, yes. it’s in your “hair”, but you are right finding it very fitting. it’s all about your thinking. enjoy the site, Olaf.
    keep the flower blooming!


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