Ein gemütlicher Abend im Hotelzimmer, dessen Vorhänge man nicht hochziehen kann, mit einer “Mockumentary”, einem Scherz-Dokumentarfilm: “A day without a Mexican”.

The movie answers the question: What if one day all Hispanics living (and working) in the State of California disappeared?
What if-questions are the perfect philosophical tool to handle the analysis of situations you will rather not test out yourself (and you don’t want even a Mexican to test). The movie offers an hypothetical answer that is far from unrealistic: the economy would break down. Nothing, almost, would workanymore. Having visited West Coast USA a few times and having talked quite as much Spanish as English i certainly agree.

Ich warte nun auf Mexico City in meinem Dienstplan…

Ach ja, Delhi. Es liegt in Indien, dort leben viele Inder und es gibt einen tollen englischen Buchladen.


My first trip to India!

I have never seen so many people bobbing their heads, driving and honking in tuck-tucks (rickshaws).