Where was change?

Question: How to become a member of the Travelers’ Century Club?

Answer: Having visited, at least for a short while, 100 (i.e. one hundred, not four) different countries (territories as defined in this countries list)!

  • First step: I was born and got my first country easily: Germany.
  • Second step: Get 50% done. 50 countries of 327 visited.
  • Third step: I have seen 75 countries, I can get a provisional membership anytime now.
  • Current Status: In June 2018 I jumped over the last step: ┬áThe minimum requirement is fulfilled, I have visited 100 territories of 327 visited.
  • Little, tiny, final steps: Keep on traveling. There are 327 countries on the TCC list, at last.

Soonish I will provide a list of all visited countries.
In the meantime, why not read my travel blog entries?

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