Murakami on Music

Murakami Cover
Absolutely on Music


A beautiful book, if only judged by its cover.

It is a gift for my mother. I will read it, when she is done. But the idea of a conversation between a writer and a conductor is interesting. Especially when the writer is my favorite Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

So long…


Just because I am not blogging…

… doesn’t mean I am not writing. I am just not telling.

So I won’t tell nobody, that I just cleaned up my music collection a little, department “Soundtracks”. It feels like ordering tangible compact discs, just cooler, because I get all the fancy stuff of having it as digital data on my hard disk. Now they all have covers and correct ID3-tagging.

But how will you know what I did if I didn’t tell you. You won’t. Never mind. Didn’t miss it, eh?

Have a good one!

It takes two to tango

The year has just begun and I am already on the runway, eh, on the road.

Flight is going to the Port. Buenos Aires querido.
Where else to learn Tango if not there?

Abrazos desde el mundo transitorio!

“We are art students”-scam

Last year, our small family of three did a great trip to China. We visited Shanghai (上海) and Beijing (北京). Thanks to our fourth brain (Alex) already with us, we did not fall for the so-called art student scam in Shanghai. There are Tea House- and Peking Duck-scams as well.
Watch this, to see a good and fun explanation on how it works: Tim Ferriss on Chinese Scamming
From Minute 3 on it get’s interesting. Let’s have a laugh, here!

Enjoy your travels and be careful!

JFK, for the fourth time

Welcome to the Big Apple, take the subway to Manhattan, go up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, buy cheap in China Town, eat an American style Pizza in Littly Italy, meet for drinks at Times Square, walk Brooklyn, enjoy an all-fat-breakfast with free coffee-refills and see you soon again!

Filmmaker’s pride

Finally, it’s online.

Congratulation, dear Brother!

The Arab world through European Eyes – Two Europeans on tour around the Mediterranean from EuroArab Forum on Vimeo.

Proudly presenting:

The Arab world through European Eyes – Two Europeans on tour around the Mediterranean from EuroArab Forum on Vimeo.

This is the 20 minutes shortened version of the documentary.
Original version is: „The Arab world through European Eyes – Two Europeans on tour around the Mediterranean“(45 minutes, English with Arab subtitles)

The two young filmmakers Peter B. and Olaf Deussen dived for four months into the Arab-Mediterranean world and its cultures. They condensed their experiences in this 45 minutes documentary.

For this purpose they traveled through the Arab Mediterranean countries in an adapted minibus. The tour took them from Germany, through Europe into the Middle East and from there through North Africa back to Europe. The road trip builds the thread of the documentary.

Interview-sequences, observations and road trip elements are intertwined. The focus lies on Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco. Similarities and differences between the European and the Arab world are stressed in the interviews and the observations. The road trip elements focus on every day life scenes and problems of the journey.

The documentary “The Arab world seen through European eyes” proposes a view of the Arab World far beyond terrorism and fundamentalism and invites to discover the Arab World through ones own eyes.

Contact: Olaf Deussen: