Ein gemütlicher Abend im Hotelzimmer, dessen Vorhänge man nicht hochziehen kann, mit einer “Mockumentary”, einem Scherz-Dokumentarfilm: “A day without a Mexican”.

The movie answers the question: What if one day all Hispanics living (and working) in the State of California disappeared?
What if-questions are the perfect philosophical tool to handle the analysis of situations you will rather not test out yourself (and you don’t want even a Mexican to test). The movie offers an hypothetical answer that is far from unrealistic: the economy would break down. Nothing, almost, would workanymore. Having visited West Coast USA a few times and having talked quite as much Spanish as English i certainly agree.

Ich warte nun auf Mexico City in meinem Dienstplan…

Ach ja, Delhi. Es liegt in Indien, dort leben viele Inder und es gibt einen tollen englischen Buchladen.

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