Thou shalt not work

First you read

  • Heinrich Böll: Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral (anecdote for decreasing the working morale), then
  • Douglas Coupland: Generation X, and finally
  • Timothy Ferris: 4 Hour Work Week.

Now you ask yourself: what am I doing here?

Böll says, work only to get food on your table, then enjoy life.
Coupland says, work only in jobs, that don’t  hijack your brain, then enjoy life in your free time.
Ferris says, work efficiently for getting the money you need to enjoy life the way you want it.

Now we can update the headline: Thou shalt only work to enjoy life more.

The literature mentioned above can seriously influence the way you think about your career. The author cannot be held responsible for a happier and sunnier life far away from the treadmill.

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