Ain’t it strange

On our way to Chicago, seeing through the white and scattered clouds down to the blue sea I wonder.
Ain’t it strange flying? Here we go for a four weeks vacation.
Not long ago just the travel itself -then, by boat- took that long.

What would you get if you mixed this cloudy white and the water-blue?
Some creamy light blueish color you would like your children’s room to be painted like.
Is it strange for you to be in a rolling box, going at a speed up to 20 times faster than the fastest man can run? I don’t think so, if you ever drove in a car.

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Servers eat our energy

informationweek tells us that the US alone already consume the energy of five big power plants just to fuel their servers.

Then, computerwoche comes in shouting that almost one percent of worldwide energy consumption is for servers, i.e. for virtualisation machines.

Sorry, Mr Kurzweil, you are proven wrong.

“new technology … uses almost no natural resources. …
They use insignificant amounts of electricity.”
[Ray Kurzweil. “The age of intelligent machines”. page 8]

Finally, US American cars eat Mexican’s tacos as their bio-diesel can be made out of corn.